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Your Guide To SEER2 Ratings

February 20, 2024 | Blog

What To Know About SEER2

Picking out your new AC unit is an important task. However, it requires taking ratings, numbers and HVAC terminology into consideration. Modern ACs are marked with the new SEER2 rating, which is directly tied to keeping an energy-efficient HVAC system. Understanding this rating is critical for efficient indoor comfort!

Air Tech of Katy wants our customers to know where to find the highest-quality, most efficient AC systems for their homes. Read on to learn about SEER2 and why it matters for keeping your Katy home cool.

What Are SEER2 Ratings?

SEER2 ratings are the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio defined by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute. It serves to measure and rate the energy efficiency of cooling systems.

SEER2 builds upon the original SEER rating system with improved methods for testing and representing unit performance. It accounts for more variables in the HVAC process in order to provide a more accurate efficiency rating.

How SEER2 Ratings Are Determined

An HVAC unit’s SEER2 rating is represented by a number. This number tells you how much energy your unit requires to produce cooling. Higher numbers are better, meaning that an AC rated 20 will consume less energy than one rated 13 while producing the same amount of cooling.

This calculation is determined by dividing the cooling output by the energy consumed. Higher ratings also mean that a unit is likely to have advanced technologies. For instance, a higher-rated unit could have a variable-speed system allowing it to automatically adjust its settings and maximize efficiency. Units with lower ratings won’t be as advanced and could leave warm or cold spots around your house.

SEER2 Explained: Why Do These Ratings Matter?

A good rating will benefit your home in many ways. These ratings matter more than many homeowners realize. With how high temperatures can get here in Katy, that efficiency is essential!

Save On Costs

Even if you find that a higher-rated unit costs more upfront than a lower-rated unit, going with a high SEER2 rating will save you money in the long term.

Higher-rated units consume less electricity to provide the same amount of cooling compared to lower-rated models. A unit with a low rating can burden you with higher energy bills that you otherwise wouldn’t need to pay.

Comfort At Home

Katy homeowners are all too familiar with hot and humid summers. High-efficiency cooling systems are capable of more consistent temperature control, so you won’t have to worry about sudden heat spikes.

These systems are also better at lowering humidity and tend to be quieter while operating. Because higher ratings often signify advanced features, they’re more likely to provide a range of customization options for your HVAC system.

Reduce Environmental Impact

By minimizing the use of energy, high ratings mean your carbon footprint will be reduced. Investing in an efficient cooling system is a way to enhance your comfort while benefiting the environment.

Necessary For Larger Homes

If you live in a more spacious home, ignoring these ratings can lead to consequences. Lower-rated units struggle to spread cool air throughout large houses. Your energy bills can skyrocket due to the inefficient cooling output.

With a higher-rated AC unit, your home will be able to receive consistent cool air without high energy waste.

How Do I Choose The Right SEER2 Rating?

SEER2 ratings can be confusing, which is why it’s essential to understand your options and the best strategy for finding a unit. Doing otherwise can raise your energy bills and carbon footprint.

In most cases, when shopping for an AC unit, it’s best to look for one with a higher rating. It will provide you with better efficiency, comfort and customization. The upfront cost for these units may be more expensive, but you’ll experience long-term savings by keeping your energy bills low.

Another useful marker to look out for is a certified ENERGY STAR® label. Units with this approval are recognized for their efficiency and energy-saving capabilities.

AC Maintenance Tips To Stay Efficient

Investing in a unit with a higher rating isn’t the only way to maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency. Routine maintenance is necessary to keep your AC in good shape. If you neglect its regular upkeep, then there’s only so much good your system can do for you. Here are some ways to boost your AC’s efficiency:

AC efficiency is more than just a number — it’s a strategy of maintenance meant to keep your home comfortable and efficient. With a high energy efficiency rating and regular maintenance, your home’s cooling can be better than ever before.

Boost Your Indoor Comfort With Air Tech Of Katy

Even with a high-efficiency rating, your air conditioner is a long-term investment that deserves the best treatment. Air Tech of Katy provides installation, repair and tune-up services for your air conditioning system.

No matter what the Texas summers throw at you, we’ll make sure your AC is up to the task. Contact our team today to schedule your next service!

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