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DIY Indoor Air Quality Hacks

With hot Texas summers in front of us each year, it’s important at Air Tech of Katy that the air inside your home provides clean, refreshing relief from the sweltering realities outside. With our homes providing essential shelter from the South Texas heat, we want to equip you with the knowledge to upgrade and develop your Katy IAQ habits that will help maintain the highest possible indoor air quality for your homes.

While a well-maintained HVAC system is important, there are steps all homeowners can take that will ensure every breath in your home is as clean and pure as possible. To help out, here is a list of five hacks to improve your indoor air quality in Katy.

Check Your Filters!

Well-maintained air filters are an essential part of ensuring good indoor air quality. The filter is the first line of defense stopping pollutants from entering your home. If you haven’t checked or changed your air filters recently, it’s time to make it happen!

Buy Some House Plants!

Not only do houseplants add a splash of nature to any decor, but they also provide benefits in regards to the air quality of your home! Here are a few low-maintenance plants you may want to consider clearing some shelf space for:

Aloe Vera

Famous for its uses as a skin product, Aloe Vera can also be used as a low-maintenance air purifier! Requiring indirect light and water about twice a week, it’s the perfect starter plant for someone wanting to improve their air through greenery.

Boston Fern

Naturally growing in the undergrowth of forest environments, Boston Ferns thrive in the filtered or indirect light one may find in an apartment or home. Easy to take care of and hard to kill, these ferns provide another good option for both green decor and air purification.

Devils Ivy

If plant husbandry isn’t your strong suit, then the hardy Devil’s Ivy might be the plant for you! Nicknamed “The Cubicle Plant” for its ability to thrive in less than ideal environments, Devil’s Ivy has a note-worthy ability to filter out pollutants from the air in its immediate area.

Use Your Cooking Vents

Cooking vents are an important and often overlooked part of a home’s ventilation system. With the byproducts of cooking being one of the largest contributors to indoor air pollution, cooking areas must be ventilated as thoroughly as possible. To mitigate air pollutants produced by cooking, be sure to have your kitchen cooking vent running during the entire duration of cooking and open windows to increase airflow when possible.

Vacuum & Dust

Fabrics such as carpets and drapes are common areas where dust and other particulates tend to gather and be released into the air. With air quality in mind, these areas must be regularly cleaned and maintained. It’s also important to regularly dust open spaces and anywhere loose particulates could gather and possibly be released into the air.

Keep An Eye On Humidity!

Organics such as mold and insect matter are another leading source of air pollutants in the home. These organisms thrive in cool, damp environments. To combat this, it’s important to maintain reasonable humidity levels and prevent excess moisture from building up. Humidity can be regulated with proper ventilation and avoidance of any source of standing water. In bad cases, dehumidifiers can be purchased that manually remove moisture from the air.

Need Professional IAQ Services?

Few things are as important as the air we breathe. While we can’t control the chaos outside of the home, It’s vital to us at Air Tech of Katy that our customers are equipped with the resources and knowledge that will ensure that every breath of air they take at home is a clean one. Give us a call for professional IAQ tips and services today!

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